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EDIT: Cool! Thanks you guys for the Daily First, Weekly First and Front Page! Couldn't have done it without you guys!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you "Timeless", the first flash animation that took me only one week to create. This was for the NATA 2012 opening round theme, Discovering Time Travel!
Animation Program- Adobe Flash CS4
12 FPS (That's why it's a little slow)
I suppose your wondering what the kcuf is going on in this cartoon. The basic synopsis is a scientist wants to find a cure for his wife, finds a time machine and travels to the future. He soon discovers that he can't cheat his way by skipping ahead of time. This time void thingie he's in is a blank field where the laws of physics and time don't apply. This scientist now has to wait for the present to catch up with him. Sort of like writing a book, you can't go far ahead or you'll end up with blank pages. Finally, he goes crazy in a matter of days and starts drawing everywhere.
The main focus is the story, not the animation quality. I'd prefer to see what you guys interpret in terms of a story(I haven't spoiled much of the details) because I've left openings for your own conclusions.
Well that's enough talk from me! Don't forget to rate 5!
-Mike Southmoor


I am just utterly astonished that that was done in a week! Great job ^^

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That was incredible, but sad. Reading your description after I watched it, I could already guess most of it right, but I don't completely understand the ending. Was the grave his, or his wife's? Well... Very good; I hope to see more.

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Was a great animation! very emotional and the meaning is just ...jgrognwirovjvgercvvhg..all and all great little animation!

Well since you're simply asking for a story critique I'd be happy to oblige as a fellow writer and time traveling enthusiast. Well done sir. Not only did you work in the realm of practical theories you were even able to create a whole new concept that I highly enjoyed.

Now for the technical stuff. Good use of intro to setup the purgatory room, and the quick flash at the door to further foreshadow his faith. Bonus points for being able to tell the story with very little dialogue. Great payoff with the time tallying. For a moment I thought you were going to go with time loop theory and the doc would pop up to scare the scientist and thus create the paradox your resolution was much more emotionally driven which I love. The only critique and it's a minor one is the doc's decision to waste time walking into the mysterious room. The stakes of his lover dying out weighs any normal case of curiosity. The quick flash would reflect a connection but because it's not a loop he's experiencing then the flash is simply for the audience, which then leads the character making the decision for no purpose other than curiosity, and curiosity can wait if a loved one is dying. Again minor issue that would really hold no value to any normal viewer, but just details.

Again great job sir. I normally don't write, but this little piece had all my favorite little things and and outcome that creates a wonder of possibilities.

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Oh man ;_;

I think the ending really tore hard at my heart strings there. I guess the moral here is that time can't heal anything backwards or fowards it's just how it is. That being said yeah this was quite a depressing movie but beautiful in that sense.

Great job man.

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May 11, 2012
1:53 AM EDT
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