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Reviews for "TIMELESS (NATA '12)"

Awesome animation and story, I think you did a great job especially when you only took a week to do it. Keep up the great job and keep showing us what you've got.

This my friend, is by far the best flash I have seen this year. Serious, tragic, emotional, gets people to think. Its amazing that it only took you one week to make. The animation quality fits the movie, since it has the simple appearance of something made with a marker.

Awesome music, especially at the end, made me swallow a tear.

Very nice aproach on the time mechanics. I have wondered about this principle too;)

all in all, you get my vote for the NATA 2012 1st place

excellent emotion expressed in flash cartoon

Deep message badly delivered. Feels pretentious.

As an conclusion, it seems that either his wife survived dispite her husband's dissapearance and eventual death call, or the scientist ran out to find his wife's grave, only to wish that he could take that moment of discovery of the time machine and all those years of research in limbo if only to have those last few moments with his wife.

As I believe he was a scientist in the research of the cure that his wife needed, theoretically speaking, being stuck in limbo would give him ample time to do his 5 year research, however it seems that destiny plays it's cards no matter what trump you have.

This movie puts a great spin off the saying "how far would you go for the one you love?"

Great animation, keep it up!