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Reviews for "TIMELESS (NATA '12)"

Very moving and sad so far this just might be my favorite newgrounds video.

it's really cool that i accidentally ran into the submition in wich haru song was used... i came in contact with that song some time ago among the audio submitions...i really liked it so it sums up to my rating

About the whole plot in general i'd have to say that the pain in the @ss about time travel is that there's always room for plot holes, paradoxes and inconsistencies...(maybe that movie "PRIMER" is the best one out there regarding this topic), so even if this submition's greatest strength lies in the time travel facilitated by a "deus ex machina like device" to put a regular character in an over the edge situation to sort of explore his reaction to this overwhelming situation, this is also where it's only weakness also lies...

Nevertheless a really good submition, great music, good art... this is going to my favorites

As both a fellow writer and scientist I will give you my thoughts.

Being a scientist himself he raises his own intelligence for the betterment of humanity. After entering the Time Void and becoming unable to eat and possible sleep for 5 years he may have a few angry opinions about what he did. However he wouldn't go as far as to blaming others for his own curiosity. Having the drawing power with the marker the logical standpoint would to recall the information he saw on the board in an attempt to understand the device. Something which would take years to understand anyways but doable if he really wanted to leave.

The more important factors of this story are the implications and effect of the device missing. You don't just "be" a scientist. You have an idea, a group funds you to make that idea possible based on the values of science. Over the course of the 5 years that group would have noticed the scientist and the device missing thus linking the two. The fact that 5 years past in-story and that building was clean and with power means the group has considerable finances to make the other scientist rebuild the device. Though with the chalkboard erased and him running out, would be implying the control of time is too great for anyone to have. However leaving the device on the table is either a careless mistake by him or he was running to get the higher ups to look at his research. Either way they were close to perfecting the technology with or without that scientist. Which means with-in those 5 years in the Time Void he would have met others at some point.(Given that there is only one general space for all time travelers to interact in while traveling between destinations)

I would suggest continuing the storyline though an enemies eyes. Portraying the scientist as a villain trying to corrupt time by bringing back his lost love. (Which also could be put under the impression that the group saved her to use as a bargaining chip in order to get back the device if he ever returned.) I digress.

It has potential...

this proves it.
still good video

Hey can you remake this with a happy ending?
Who's chopping those onions!?!