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Reviews for "TIMELESS (NATA '12)"

It was so gripping and moving. Very nice work, for sure! I was like a zombie while watching it.

i was sure he was suspending in time or space, hence the name timeless, the fact that he says there for years with out eating, and that ink flotes... so i was sure he if he went back it was going to be where he left off, but i guess time passed evertthing he went...

I nearly cried

You went so deep man. Great job.

WOW!! I was stunned for seconds on what to comment on this masterpiece!! that is so touching, and I'm a sucker for deeper meaning on movies! thank you for this animation and I will gladly watch it whenever I come back to this site! WONDERFUL!! I fully appreciate it and five stars is not even enough to praise its wondrous spell!! great job!!