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Reviews for "TIMELESS (NATA '12)"

Off we go my friend
lost in time to mend
without hope, help, or choice
we lose our grasp and voice
and meet a brand new end.

From time we are free,
Cannot speak, hear, see, or touch,
Empty entity.

Broken through the wall,
Found a brand new sight.
Finding knowledge, standing tall,
Want to learn with all your might,
Can bring back the truth and break it,
The secret is there, so take it.

There's a break from time,
The world is not prime,
Unfocused deaf and blind,
Locked inside the mind,
The universe, open on all sides,
Find the idea where it hides,
Running from both sky and sea,
Vacant of humanity.
-SilverWhirl, 2010

That was very moving.

plot is fucking amazing, all my 5 r belong this, i think the moral is:
"do what you have to do before what you want to do"

I must say, that this animation it's really impressive, I like so much the plot.
A pretty good lesson came from it, keep the excellent work man :D

Very deep message with a very unique story to the concept of time travel. I am truly lost for words and emotion to the caliber your mind was able to come up with such an amazing masterpiece. 5/5 5/5 Favorited, one of the greatest animations on newgrounds of all time and deserves to win the NATA competition HANDS DOWN! Not many animations have made me in loss for words and just in a state of contemplation. Well done.