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Dear, Princess

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Feb 19, 2012 | 7:01 AM EST

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Author Comments

I made this for Valentine's Day.
A short narrative animation about a princess who recieves a special letter.

Sorry for the awful voiceacting, hopefully I will get better in the future.
Thank you for watching! Thanks for the compliments and critiques! :)
Wow! Thanks Newgrounds for the Daily 3rd place and for the frontpage appearance! :D

(READ THIS!!!!!!)
*This may bother others (I didn't realize about this issue, sorry for those who felt tricked) but this movie is about the person of Jesus Christ (not religion).
If you are bothered by that fact, I am sorry but THIS is what the story IS.*

I noticed some people didn't understand the story, and to be honest, it may be hard for one to understand.
So here's what the story actually meant (sorry for any grammatical errors):

This story is NOT about love in a romantic way, I'm talking about REAL love. Unconditional love shared between a parent and a child.

The princess symbolize the everyday person, you and me (gender does not really matter)
She is alone and gives letters to her prince.
I represented the six princes as her family, friends, boyfriend, money/fame, drugs and religion but overall I just wanted to convey anything that one seeks for in life.
And obviously, how life goes on, everything that the princess (we) admire rejected us, and left us hurt, in pain.
Pain leaves a scar in us whether it's emotional or physical (as if it almost felt like you were stabbed on the back, or pierced by a sword). Hence I showed that pain in a physical manifestation of the princes stabbing the princess.

Here's where I placed the gospel:
"The Prince" is Jesus Christ.
The letters the princess recieves and rejects is Jesus' voice.
Despite that, we still try to find the other prince (which was foolish because a prince, rather, "The Prince" was right there behind the door)
It's when the princess, comes to the point of crisis (the lowest point) to make her realize that she had no prince to give letters to anymore (have anyone to seek out for to love/ be loved).
Then she realizes the letters (voice of Christ) in her life.
When she listens, she hears "The Prince" knocking on the door.

"Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me." (Revelation 3:20)
The Prince is here, waiting for you, knocking at the door of your heart.
He wants you to open it, but he will wait for you.
Jesus is patient, kind and eternal = Love

Jesus is waiting for you to come join him, so you can have eternal life, a neverending tale, an awesome journey to his kingdom.
He wants to go there with you, together.

In the story, "The Prince", Jesus was the princess' seventh prince.
7 is the common number used in the gospel.
I based if off from the biblical story of the Samaritan Woman from John 4.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

I saw that movie, I found it ordinary but still pretty nice.
And I read the author comment...

"The Prince is Jesus Crist"... it a joke ?!

But never mind, I was going to rate the qualities of the movie, the art, the animation, the voice and the narration. And that's it.

exninja123 responds:

thanks! :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

That was ballsy posting something so incredibly feminine and blatantly Christian on NG knowing full well you'll get the crap blammed out of you.

Kudos, and you made the front page on top of that.

Writing and voice acting: Get someone to critique/correct your work before you post. And i know you want to spread the Gospel story, but your audience is smarter and more observant than you give them credit for. You don't need to spell it out for them in your notes.

Keep it up.

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exninja123 responds:

cool, thanks! :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'll be up front about this, I'm docking a star because I dislike being 'tricked' into watching Christian propaganda (whether you're a 'follower of Christ' or admit you're a religious person by that term, people are going to look at it exactly the same, by the way. Just sayin'). I mean, yeah, it was in the description but it was only indicated under a spoiler tag, therefore I didn't read it before realizing when the princess was tossing away letters from a prince that she wanted so badly that this would be about Jesus. Seriously, at least slap a tag that indicates this is going to be a proselytizing Flash on it, please. On to the actual review before I start just ranting (yeah, the above paragraph doesn't count as ranting compared to when I get started):

The story's fairly well written, for what it is - I think most people could figure out what you say under the spoilers for themselves, as I did. You make powerful use of symbolism and you have the makings of a great writer.

Your drawing is nice but it could use some work. Even though it's a much higher quality than most of the anime I see on here, I suggest studying drawing realism for practice - it will do wonders even for your cartooning. Anatomy is key. Learn to draw the nude form, make studies of clothing, and draw pretty much everything you see - animals, objects, clothes, buildings, -everything-. You have a lot of talent in your art as well as your writing, which is an awesome combination of skills to have for an animator.

I'm not sure if the mostly still images were a stylistic choice or not. They do work well for this piece. My personal preferences lean towards seeing backgrounds and a believable world around the character, but as I haven't looked for your other work I can't really say much about it.

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exninja123 responds:

thanks for the honest critique.

about your rant, seriously.... i'm not FORCING people to convert or anything
besides, it's up to that person's choice to do it or not
I'm just telling a story of what I believe and thought was cool to share, lol

I honestly did not mean any harm though, sorry if that pissed you off :/


Rated 3 / 5 stars

This truly is a though one. Bad things first so: After having thought about how much it is valid to like/dislike believe related content I have come to the conclusion that it can be handeled the same way as music related content since both is based on personal preferences. In this case this means that I personally dislike the meaning and therefore the content of this flash as I am an atheist. How others already said: The voice acting is.... suboptimal. Why not add a call for a voice actor to the description and put one up in your user page? Now for the positive things: The animation and art were quite good. Not the best I have ever seen but still good. For the storyline: That was a truely fine example of metaphoring like a boss! I would have not understood it without the explanaition you gave but looking back at the animation there is in fact no better way to understand what actually went on. You packaged your message quite nicely (no matter if I agree or not) and... I am not quite capable of explaining how exactly that was awesome but you managed to tell about your cause in an entertaining way still delivering quite some information. So although i am not quite sure about this one 3/5 seems valid. (sorry for my bad english I´m german) btw. I am not that much of a voice actor but if you want i could see if i could help you with your next flash.

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exninja123 responds:

oh cool, thanks! :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

I'll be honest: I didn't get the Jesus angle until I read your comments. Metaphors are to hard for the Internets. xD

So: the voice-over sounded a little monotone, and some word choices were oddly . . . off, but it had an undercurrent of sweetness to it that I liked. The narrative progressed much like a classic fairy-tale, with simple events described and depicted storybook fashion, which was a good choice. The animation was simple but evocative, with a very nice use of contrasting colors, I thought.

I didn't really 'connect' with the message (even before I realized it was a Jesus thingy), but it was obviously heartfelt, and I can certainly appreciate the emotion behind something even if I don't really follow the reasoning that lead to that emotion. I have no issues appreciating ancient art done in honor of Greek or Roman gods I don't believe in, so I'd be a bit of a hypocrite if I treated good ol' Jesus any different. ;P

For the record, I'm firmly atheist, and am quite happy and satisfied with my life, but if others find their happiness through religion, I can respect that, so long as they extend to me the same courtesy, and don't go getting in my face about it. Which this video does NOT do, in my opinion. Agree with the message or not (and I don't), there was nothing aggressive or judgmental here, and I can respect the hell out of that.

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exninja123 responds:

wow, thanks for sharing!!!
and thanks for the review! :D