Reviews for "Dear, Princess"

I give 4.5 stars because of the animation, but I'm rather happy that someone made a flash that actually made sense in this crazy, quick-oatmeal, get-rich, materialistic life we all have.

Bravo, and God Bless.

exninja123 responds:

thank you! :)

Nice, really it touched me....AND I'm in the mood of playing kingdom hearts right now :)

exninja123 responds:

thanks! :D

It was pretty nice. THe style kinda reminded me of Utena :) The drawings were nice as well (and the recording wasnt bad XD so no worries!)

exninja123 responds:

thank you! :D

Yep, unfortunately princess did not realized that her "prince" is too perfect to actually exist.
"He wants you to open it, but he will wait for you (He's not gonna force you, because you have free will).
Jesus is patient, kind and eternal = Love" - I would dare too say that this prince in that case is totally selfish prick and monster, because if princess preferred to live without him, than prince would sent her to place of eternal torture after her death - because obviously that`s how "free will" works.
Or maybe "princess" should probably should find IRL guy instead of making out with imaginary prince which lives in her head.

exninja123 responds:

just to clarify, because of this eternal torture after death (hell), that is why the Prince (Jesus) came down on earth.
"free will" is your decision to allow him to enter and save your life.
in my opinion, i would rather live with the Prince than with IRL guys :)

Your voicing sucks, the metaphor is weak and the fact that you had to explain in the author's comments, showed that you're also not sure about your own work. Jesus deserves a better flash animation

exninja123 responds:

i do agree with jesus deserving a better flash animation
thanks for the post! :)