The Last Stand Union City

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Play in Survivor mode for a more realistic experience where the need food and sleep will be added to your survival requirements. Or play in Run'n'Gun mode and blast your way to freedom.


WOW this game is truly amazing and even the ending is funny i hope they are okay XD

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Truly Classic!

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This game is a masterpiece of the Last Stand games, and it is and should always be a Newgrounds© classic.

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It's amazing how many good games are present in the zombie genre. This game is a GREAT game for those who enjoy roleplaying games. From the atmospheric exploration to heart-pounding close encounters, this game has it all.

Good news first!
1. The gameplay is rewarding to those who take the time to be patient and look around. If you keep it up, even with lower stats you're bound to find something (or someone) that can help on your quest to find your significant other and get the hell out of the city. A little patience and some diligence can even net you side quests that give you powerful gear (for the level)

2. Realism. Not all games have this, but for the self-proclaimed survivors, this title is for you. The aptly named "survival" mode means in addition to having to watch your health and ammo, you now need to make sure you're fed, watered, and rested. This mode is EVEN MORE rewarding for explorers, because every nook and cranny can harbor that single item that can keep you going to the next area.

3. Leveling. The system for leveling allows you to get stronger as you go, and maximize every swing of that katana (yes, for the aspiring weeb, here you go) and every shot fired. There are two different kinds of stats. There are general stats which affect things like how long you can sprint without having to stop, or how much you can carry, and all of which make a big bonus on the specialist stats. The specialist stats affect how much damage you can do with a pistol versus your new AK-47, or how much damage your bat does versus that butcher knife you're lugging around. You get a lot more points to invest in these stats because every point put into a general stat adds several to all specialist stats that are affected (I.E. putting a point into strength adds several into your melee stats.).

and here's a few negatives.
1. The game's big. pretty damn big. As with most of these better games, you need a pretty okay computer to run this one. If your frame rate goes down and there's even just ONE zombie, that can kill you pretty quick (especially on survivor). There are quality settings that affect this, but these only go so far.

2. If you don't like a harder difficulty, this ain't for you. Even in Run n' Gun mode, you gotta be more careful. Unlike most zombie games, where an individual zombie is trivial, each and every one of them here could be your last. The issues here mostly depend on your stats, if you invested into melee but going into that fight will kill you (a swing usually won't hit more than one zombie, so melee battles are uphill), you're out of luck. Out of ammo but you're a hardcore gunfighter? Tough break. What makes it worse is if you get grappled, this can let the slower zombies catch up and gank you. While you can shove and bring a friend along (once you find the right NPC and do the quest), you'll more often than not be running away from a good few fights.
This is more of a subjective point though, but if you don't like a challenge or lack patience, this isn't for you. If you like Dark Souls and crave that challenge, this IS for you.

All in all, I r8 8/8.

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Awesome game love this the most from all your games I agree that you should make this a game like front view only like this is awesome but i have a request when your friend or partner is down and u die you reload without your friend but when your partner is alive and you die you get him/her back that dose not make sense but do not feel that that is suggested as a bad comment awesome graphics awesome jump scares keep up the good work wooo hooo

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Sep 27, 2011
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Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun