Reviews for "The Last Stand Union City"

One of the legends. This is and straight and true classic.

this is the best game on new grounds.

Great game, had a ton of fun. But Towards the end while I was in the Military base getting the explosives I picked up a chainsaw and then it wasn't letting me move. So First I thought I was glitched so I waited till a hoard came and killed me. Then I was still glitched, so rejoined the game. Then when I came back I was still glitched. Then when I tried to move again I noticed at the top of the screen in small writing blending into the background I had it said Too Much Weight. Since the game is over 8 years old I ain't gonna worry about it too much and tell them to just make you walk much slower, Just warning everyone that hasn't gone over the capacity yet that it just stops you from moving completely if you have too many items on you at once and tends to blend into darker backgrounds and bloody rooms. Also, If you want to go into "Full" Screen and it wont let you zoom into your browser to about 150%.

amazing game love it. It lags some times but that's just my computer.

I love how this game managed to be more survival like. I used to play this as a kid back in the day. You guys should make another one. Good luck!