Reviews for "The Last Stand Union City"

A flash game so simple but so well done

Quite fun and addicting. :D


This makes me happy

Wow... I can't believe after all of these years, I never played this. Noticing that this was uploaded in 2011, I went seven years not knowing there was a sequel to one of the greatest 2D zombie shooters that I have ever played. I'm loving it so far, seems a little gimmicky here and there, but otherwise a solid game. Took me way too long to figure out you could delete items, and I think there should be an actual control map somewhere so I can see what buttons actually do. This review is definitely outdated, apologies for being a necro poster. Thanks for another great game Cons.
*Edit: Made it to the bridge, game went from great to 100% unplayable. Lags so hard, my entire computer froze up, and my system is fairly beefy. Changed all the settings to low, and high fade rates. Assuming high rate means they disappear faster? Not clear. Either way, these zombies are basically one tapping me at this point, game is stuttering so bad I can't heal, the tap A or tap D also became useless because of the lag. The only way to beat this level is to sprint through it as I found out. Dying and spending your experience will make the enemies disappear for that level, and it's the end of the game so XP doesn't matter at all.