Reviews for "The Last Stand Union City"

best game ive ever played relating to zombies, and can be played on a browser, its like this is an official game instead of a flash game, its reeealllly good in my opinion anyways...

This game are so different of all zombie flash games, the gameplay is so deep and AMAZING! I simply loved this experience <3 despite the bugs how the "invisible zombies" and the WORST OF ALL, the player locked after keep by some zombie, this is bad, boring and disrupts gameplay, but even so, the game are AWESOME! The history, loot system,
the lots of different weapons and clothes available, the system of made a survivor your partner, its everything much much GOOD, I really really like this, even more after play the previous/main games of serie and play this! So...Thats was amazing, its this!

His wife becomes a zombie... too much love.

Noobgamer, and I guess anyone else experiencing the 'bug' where you can do everything but move; check your inventory. It is likely you have exceeded your carry weight.

Aside from that, pretty solid game! I just wish there was a bit more customizeability maybe. (Not just cosmetics, story wise and such.)

Cool game. Wish i could comment directly in reply to someone's comment. If you stop moving and can do anything but move its because you're holding too much weight! Its not a game-ending bug!