Reviews for "The Last Stand Union City"

fuck yeah

always been a fan of the Last Stand games. this one brings the epicness of it to an all time high. 10/10


I fucking LOVE last stand games, well zombie games in general but these are some of my favorites, i dont have much to say other than that but great job, keep it up

Great Game!

Really love the story and the realism. Only bummer is that it turns laggy if five or more zombies are attacking (or that might be my computer there). Looking forward to a sequel (if possible).

Ah... and make it possible to arm the wife as well. More compagnions would also be savage!

Thanx again!

I Love You Guys

Let's keep the good times coming, this had better not be the last zombie game you guys make, because if it is I'm committing internet suicide and never touching a computer again.

Fantastic, one of the best

i played it thoroughly for a couple days on run and gun, and heres what i have to say:

Pros-awesome weapons, large variety
buddy system was great at times
ammo was plentiful
missions were a good addition

Cons-i know its tough to write code, but the glitches i suffered were a little annoying i.e battle axe had screwy range, got stuck on crawling zeds and couldnt kill them
.......i think thats all i have bad to say.OH, and i didnt like the ending...you made my wife irl cry you bastard (she thought this was a perfect 10 as well)

overall, 10/10. wonderful job on an epic third installment.

one other thing...did neil yates help you with this? i saw a few elements from his mmo that were in this game.