Reviews for "The Last Stand Union City"

why not a plane ? ok, very cool

I love this game

Awesome game i hope new mode and map i heard that a new map is a forest but hard to find but pis make new update like if you agree

Very fun, but too easy.

i like it decuse is cool like a esteam video game 5 estars if you play dis in 2019 and i want a noder part plz i want it and some fings fi like to they put in the game a firts person some new guns and some cars and not on the lits a dar of helfh and food thats i want to put in the noder gameplz con- artis and armor games please i want it for the nex game do you lunh plz dis is

dis is xxendyproxx espeacking i hope you do that all plz dye 5 estarts fi you play dis in 2019 dye