Reviews for "The Last Stand Union City"

Ok good. Also the Story is good too. all is good im fine with it.

・Weapons are Plenty.
・Story Is Good.
・Some Item's Description is Funny.
・Posters in Games are Well-made.
・Atmosphere In this game is good Thanks to Notes.
・In game Achievements Are Plenty.

・Some Doors Are Unopenable.
・Premium Contents are available in Armor Games.
(Newgrounds and Kongregate Version Doesn't have Premium Contents)
・This game Doesn't have Newgrounds Medals.

This is the best game even for 2011, to 2018-2019 I'm hoping to see a next game of this I have idea's I will share with you right now you should make the second game called, Union City The Continuing Horror Still Goes On...
And you should make it about them escaping off an deserted island with zombies only there, they have to build a raft to get out and back to the city to find a safe house or shelter and at the end they find a cure inside your character's body and they take your wife because she got bite and she turned in to a zombie then your character goes in the room your wife is in and puts a syringe in your wife then she collapses on the ground 10 seconds in you start to cry near her body 37 seconds after she moves and stands up and said honey? the cure worked the entire city and possibly the hole state world who knows then the city and state is back to normal...….. Or Is It ? then add a mysterious person putting the remains of zombie blood in the patient's blood and leaves The End.

P.s Ya boy Milky original idea's by me hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe gave you idea's to the second game of you even want to make a second game but hope you enjoyed Goooooooooooodbyeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

i love

why not a plane ? ok, very cool