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The World is Saved

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The Anthem of the Gamer.

The World is Saved is a new epic song and anthem for video game fans. Made in the pixel-art style of SNES (Super Nintendo) cutscenes, this video was a collaborative effort from IGN's Podcast Beyond community. IGN's Ryan Clements pulled together a small team of volunteers to animate a video for Danny Wiessner's latest single. The video debuted at the end of the live recording of Podcast Beyond Episode 200, which can be viewed here: http://ps3.ign.com/articles/118/1186511p1.html

Please support Danny by purchasing his song! Now on Itunes!

Music written and performed by Danny Wiessner.
Art by pandamusk, Benjamin A. Smith (Ekublai), and Michael Hruby (Wastedkitten).
Artwork Referenced: "Fireside Chat" by Matt Rhodes.
Editing by Sam Alegria.

The World is Saved single is available for purchase on iTunes.

Follow Us on Twitter: Danny @tuanews, Ben @Ekublai, pandamusk @pandamusk, Michael @wastedkitten, and Sam @SamAlegria

Also on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBzqOa9y02I

Update: FRONTPAGE! WEEKLY 2nd! DAILY 2nd! #2 All-time! 2 is our magic number apparently! Thank you so much Newgrounds!
Update V2: Neglected to credit Matt Rhodes for his reference art: http://mattrhodesart.blog spot.com/2010/11/fireside-chat.htm


This was amazing!

I hardly ever see such a well worded music video with such perfect images to go along with it. And this is the absolute truth, as well! This may be the greatest, most beautiful flash I've ever seen. Thank you so much for crafting this master piece.

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Amazing song, and great, really great work with the animation, from start to the end of the credits. Normally, as I see it at least, the music gives most of the experience, helping the animation seem cooler and better... so it's really awesome to see the animation giving something back ;).

I'd say the experience of watching this is equally thanks to the audio, and visual. Fantastic work, indeed! :D

It's why we are!

WOW! It is most def that feeling of an EPIC HEROIC Tale finished that leaves you feeling all tingly inside, then at the same time disappointed that it is over. But thats why we game on finding new adventures and Epicness to dive into!!! This Is A Great Tribute To Us All!!! Thank You for reminding us all why we are GAMERS!!!!

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Speaks to gamers for definate :)

Not only an awsome sounding song, also relatable, and cool artwok.
I'm sure all gamers can say they spend a fair amount of their time constantly trying to get past a part in a game, and when they do SUCCESS!....but sadness because now it's over, hehe i often limit my game playing when i near the end just because i don't want it to end ^_^
....hmmm could this song end the bloodbath known as the console war?

This song reminds me of why we gamers game.

I remember when I was just a little kid playing my first video game, which was Super Mario World 3 for the Nintendo Game Boy Advanced. I would strain my eyes under a lamp for hours on end trying to find the princess. When I finally did so, I felt so happy. Then I realized that there were 100 other levels that I missed when I skipped into the last world using the keyhole from world two, level one. I went back and played all of the levels. I still wish that more wholesome games like that existed on the planet. I also loved playing the Megaman Battle Network series, Pokemon (GBA), and other games that were awesome.

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Aug 6, 2011
9:56 PM EDT
Music Video
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