Abysmal Adventures #1

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Ah, after a month of work, four month hiatus, and half a month of finishing up, it's arrived. The first installment of ABYSMAL ADVENTURES.

EDIT: damn, I always thought it'd be cool if this were frontpage'd, but never thought it'd happen because, well, yknow- it's not exactly "GOLD, JERRY!" So big thanks to voice actor Mick Lauer for bringing this to Tom's attention and giving it a spot to be enjoyed, even if it gets pulled down after a day or something.

EDIT2: Dude, I just watched it for the first time since I finished it and realized I misspelled RicePirate. Name changed! (But that's all that's new, the slow pace is still there unfortunately!)

EDIT3 (11/28/16): Boof, been a while. Where'd all this body hair come from? If anyone somehow finds/revisits this, I was informed it'd be best for Newgrounds for me to swap out the copyrighted music due to potential legality shenanigans (SURPRISE). With the original audio files currently lost, there are rough patches in the VO during the musical scenes, but some lines have been outright re-recorded while the SFX in those scenes have been mostly replaced. All has been given tape distortion to match the original crappy audio for maximum phoniness.

The original unscrupulous version is still available on YouTube here for those interested/nostalgic for ancient, obscure internet animation:


It was.... alllriiight

Its a decent animation, a little rough around the edges... with a little work it will be a series worth watching.

You're right, that was abysmal.

The animation was okay and so were the voices, but over all it ws pretty bad. You seemed to make up the "story" as you were animating this. The idea is a little gross too. With a little work, I'm sure that you could turn this into a non-blamable work of flashy goodness. Whatever that means...

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The idea is okay, I guess... the execution not so much, at least not for my tastes at least. The story-telling was very, very, very, very s l o w. Try to speed things up next time by storyboarding, if you don't already, or getting someone to proof it.

The animation/art also needs some work in my opinion, but it's a nice start. My main problem with it was the pace. Slow. Very slow. Otherwise, it has potential.


total iron giant STATUS RIGHT THERE

great series idea

I'll be waiting for more from this. its very funny. i think you should try to get a cross of this and "leo and satan", that would be epic.

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4.15 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2011
2:19 PM EST
Comedy - Original