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Line Runner 2

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Faster than a hedgehog 5 Points

Grab a Pizza

Level Artist 10 Points

Create a level

Stiefie Wunder 10 Points

Bump into 500 mines in total

Ring Collector 25 Points

Grab 1000 Rings in total

Ring King 50 Points

Grab 5000 Rings in total

All Together now! 100 Points

Unlock the other Runners

Hunter/Prey 100 Points

Kick 30 mines against a boss.

Mission Complete! 100 Points

Beat all missions

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

18/12/10 - improved obstacles for mission 2C, 3C and 5C.
17/12/10 - reduced mine collision area.
15/12/10 - slowed down the animation.

Line Runner is back! Race through different obstacles by drawing a path for your runner. Collect rings for speed while avoiding the purple mines.

In addition to new levels and bosses, I introduce "LR Designer" - a built-in software for creating and sharing your own levels. Each level you upload to Newgrounds is entitled a scoreboard of its very own.

MOUSE MOVE - draw path
LEFT CLICK - dodge up or down
SPACE - pause
ARROWS - volume adjust




I can only get to 90% with mad santa because He keeps dropping presents, If i try to avoid them i get hit by a mine, I fi try to avoid the mine i get hit by the presents

Nikki's Rating

Well, I have to say it. It's boring. I can't get into the game and it is way too fast. It just dosen't have a good base of concept. It just needs a story. Slow it down a bit, too.
* * * 1/2
Overall Enjoyment-5

C'est horrible

Very hard to play and makes no sense..

I agree with Dibbs

The game is just too fast and while you can get a little better at it the game is still frustrating and there are parts that are impossible or screw you up completely, not to mention there is too much happening in the game at once, the graphics are nice and the music is nice though.

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... Well... Sorta...

So... I'm playing the game and as I'm flying along at blazing speeds, suddenly I'm faced with a conundrum. How do I avoid this situation without getting smacked by a mine or some other weapon the enemy is firing at me? Occasional failure is understandable, if not necessary for a real challenge, but 9 out of 10 times i find there is no way around this predicament, get slowed just before the finish, and fail. The portals are particularly useless I believe. especially when you have a power-up, such as a shield (in reference to the 'Santa race') with said portals and just because a teeny bit of your head touches the top, or a single toe touches the bottom, you are flipped with no power-up. But all that aside, what REALLY bit me was you could be cruising at 1 kilo-per-min for at least 10 seconds while the enemy flies by you waiting to get an apple (which would direct you into a mine anyway and slow you down once more) or a ring which seemed to be shielded by several, inescapable mines. I also found it confusing that despite my best efforts I could not defeat the 5th boss. All the other bosses were defeat-able, but the 5th one... I don't know. It's abilities to not only pummel you while beneath it, fire rockets at you from behind with no ability to tell when it's coming and even if you DID avoid it, it destroyed the rings in front of you. What? Well that... sucks... It was quite amazing however, flying by at 60 kilos-per-min and having simple routes of rings, and, for the most part, a mild challenge for bosses. Maybe I'm just God-awful at this sort of gaming, but I find that it is quite impossible to go even remotely close to scotch-free in a level. If you go for a new one, I'd say try throwing in either an ability to speed yourself up (not equal to the ability the rings do) or a minor projectile of your own protecting you from others. I don't think that either one particularly lowers the difficulty all that much, as you'd have to aim the projectile, and the constant pushing of a key to increase your speed lacks the power of a ring. Hope this review was helpful. Overall, frustrating at points but mostly a joy.

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Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Dec 15, 2010
2:47 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other