Reviews for "Line Runner 2"


you can play levels of other players you can race against bosses you can do missions and there is a campaing a minigame shall end it but the game is great
and the submision two under my from thatredmagedude dont believe him

Lets put mines everywhere

and if you get hit by one you should go all the way back to 0 speed instead of just slowing you down by 1MPH
thatd make a great fucking flash game!
i was expecting more from something that is front page
2/10 because the graphics were pleasent


LOL fail but points for funny fail. LOL


He made the first one too Dumbass

PS:Great game you should think about making more especially liked level creator

What the fuck is this bullshit?

I'm not going to complain about how you riped off Line Rider. Instead, I am going to complain about the game play. The game play had a great concept, but the charecter was too fast. I did not even have enough time to react. The music was kind of forgettable, altough I did like the art style. Another problem I had was the frame rate, and yes, I have the latest flash player. I was anticipating an awesome game when I saw this on the front page, but instead, I found a less than mediocre flash game. Heres a recomendation for you: fix the frame rate issues, make the camera slower, improve the gameplay and the controlls, and you will have an awesome (if not perfect) flash game.