Flight of the Bumblebee

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Crazy classical madness. That's all this is.

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This is the best version of this classic I have ever heard. I would love to use it in a project I am working on, please check your PM's :)

Who wrote this song?

plz pm me w/ ans. thx!

lol how funny.

dude i was watching Kill Bill Vol.1 when i heard this and the song completely matched the part! hilarious! great work!


by just listening to this immediately generated a video in my head of a picnic scene starring Joseph Stalin eating his cakes, then heard a tiny plane flying about like a pesky little fly, then Stalin just hopped on a ZPU-4 and started to blast away on the little plane with everything the thing got and fails...

yep, that is what i thought when listening to this. XD and yet, the remake you made of this timeless classic is very well made.

Just Beautiful...

This song gives me chills every time I listen to it. You've made it a new entity from what it once was. The feeling this songs me is similar to walking through a place that you haven't been to in years; familiar but at the same time alien. Great work, I especially love the little flute part at the end.