Reviews for "Line Runner 2"

this is GOOD

when u get the hang of it, it gets REALY DANG Awesome!
nice game dude!

Wow, all those reviews....

And GREAT GAME bro, I don't know whats with the little kid reviews. They got there panties in a bunch it seems. But, the game was AWESOME, a fast paced skilled game. Great game, it is somewhat difficult (if your 8yo). But for me, it was good.


you can play levels of other players you can race against bosses you can do missions and there is a campaing a minigame shall end it but the game is great
and the submision two under my from thatredmagedude dont believe him


This game is awesome!!!!
and i made a level called Mrkeybonus because it has a key and you can modify the way you want! :)
Very laggy :P but cool and hard to get the key
Enjoy the game and the level!

More fun than I expected

More Flash games need that click outside the window for automatic pause function. That's probably my favorite thing about this and I wish people would include it in everything. I really like the level variety and costume changes, This is pretty awesome so kudos to you for your hard work and bringing it to the portal.