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Reviews for "Line Runner 2"


I would vote 10/10 if it wasent by that GOD DAMN FINAL BOSS AND MISSION #2 A!!!

Great game!

Much better than the first one. Cool idea with the designer. You should make the last boss easier cause many says it is too hard. It is not impossible cause I finished it and got a cow! So great game anyways!


by looking at your reviews, im not the only one saying this but... LAST BOSS IS SO ANNOYING!! hey i never said it was immpossible, i actually got SO CLOSE to beating him but my pizza speed ended and he caught up. its so annoying how if he gets in front of you at the start, he knows where all the banana powerups and stuff are... ARGH!!


Its a good game other than the fact THE LAST BOSS CANT BE BEAT. -_- on my second try i would have won if he didnt have that freakin banana. even with the pizza slice you cant win.

Bullshit last boss

This was an awesome game with a great concept but the one thing that is very aggravating is the fact that the last boss is impossible even if you go through the entire level not hitting a single mine,throwing all the mines at him and going through every single ring he still beats you no matter what and never seems to slow down i swear i played it over 30 times and nothing which seems like total bullshit with the difficulty i even got a gold star on every other mission and just that single one he's gotta be so hard that you can't even win,other than that nice game.