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River City Rampage: EX 2

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It's been over six years since my first submission, but I've taken into account all of the positive reviews and even some of the not-so-positive reviews to create a bigger, badder River City Rampage than the last.
Alex continues his previous rampage through the River City Warehouse and brings it into the Tire Factory for some more mayhem.

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Your animation is very fun! Kunio and Riki's fighting is good!

cool i love this!

Dat brawl! I loved it! It makes me want to find that GBA game, though I'm sure it won't be as awesome as this. Great job!


wow man, you blow my mind. i dont even know where to start, if i was still making flash you would have definatly inspired me to make something now with the RcR sprites. the way you used every obstacle from the game in a very unique way is just simple way crazy. this is just amazing. really amazing.


I'm pretty speechless but I'll do my best to do this experience justice.

First off, it's a joy to see you back after so long. I love this new revival in River City Ransom - first you, then Roger Gargantua, and now River City Ransom 2 has been announced!

It is unfortunate that I just now came across this masterpiece...I thoroughly enjoyed your first EX Rampage movie, back when I was a wee tyke. I searched for it again today and watched it again, and it was still good entertainment. The action slowed in a few places but it was a solid experience, well made. Then I looked through your account - as I always used to when I hoped for a sequel to the Rampage series - and found my wishes finally answered.

And now here we are...where do I begin? This flash began just like the predecessor did - well-used sprites, great variety in attacks, innovative use of moves, and straight-up brawling goodness; but the action was still a bit choppy and slow in places. I prepared myself for a mildly entertaining ride.

Then, out of nowhere, everything transformed. It got INTENSE. FUCKING CRAZY. I think it happened after the Twins appeared and Alex balanced himself on the ladder. Then the movie exploded. I shouted and laughed aloud several times, just because it was too awesome. The action sped into a frenzy, the attacks were DEVASTATING, and creativity blasted through - you blinded me with innovation. It became clear that you had hit your stride, and you sprinted with it.

To be blatantly obvious, Alex's breaking the ladder and using the remains as a staff was just too much. Way too badass. Then the action took off and baddies got obliterated - viciously so. Alex's spinning finishing attack as he slid down the pole was really memorable. Then something amazing happened - Alex was LOSING. This new development caught me off guard and added a whole new tier to the entertainment factor. This wasn't a slaughter, it was a BATTLE.

Then came Ryan and it somehow got even better. The battle with the Twins had been an exhilarating ride and I was sad to see it end, but then I realized it wasn't over yet. The outside of the warehouse was where it got downright drity; totally INSANE. It was teetering at the edge of overboard; but just hanging on perfectly. You really pulled it off. There had already been "OW" moments in the flash, but the chain-noose part was the pinnacle. The chain breaking from the strain of being squeezed around the thug's neck was a wonderfully devastating touch.

The battle with Slick was a nice finale. By then I was drooling, so I can't really make any intelligent remarks about it. However, the final attack left me thoroughly satisfied.

So, what was the gist of this impossibly long-winded review? I don't even think I know. My closing thoughts are that this is an unbelievably entertaining movie - not perfect, but it hit me RIGHT on the perfect chord. I could tell this movie was meant for someone like me. Others may not appreciate it, but then again, this IS really violent. But I didn't see violence - I saw art. That was something you were heading towards with your first Flash, and you perfected it here. Fabulous work.

-John :)

LoveYouChunk responds:

Yes, it is exactly you and people like you that I made this movie for. Your deep and flattering review absolutely made my day and inspired me to get back to work! Thank you and stay tuned!