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Reviews for "River City Rampage: EX 2"

Awesome Job

I use to play that game on the NES it was the next best thing to the arcade Double Dragon game in side scrolling fighters.

I love the beginning where you had i think his name was Alex fighting on the ladder it was well choreographed it reminded me of some of Jackie Chan movies and how he fights. I don't know about you but you can get some good inspiration from his movies/ fighting style for another River City Rampage, keep it up dude.

very cool!!!

I really like that animation, remind me of double dragon flash movie, please make another one with Final fight sprite, thanks a lot for great movie presented


...Damn. I can't actually draw myself, so I thought I'd get into spriting, but it looks as though I've already got some competition to work against. Nice job M8!

LoveYouChunk responds:

It's a community, not a contest. Now get to work! :-)

sprite animation

its back?!?!?

You know what

*Tapping finger on my chik*.. I know i have seen something like this before.. and that is Every Jackie Chan movie ever made. And that is not easy too pull off.

Don't get me wrong here, the action is briliant, but at the same time it has that JC "Fun wile fighting" style. Really like this and i can't wait for a part three.