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Reviews for "River City Rampage: EX 2"


why dont more ppl realize that a video dosent have to be blockbuster detail 2 be epic awesome

dude,i gotta say

I HATE sprite animations,but this made me feel like i was watching a REAL kung fu film...u made an awesome sprite animation,but i would give you 10/10 if your characters were as pixelated as the blue guy that came in the middle

well done

excellent sprite animation. I would enjoy the genre a lot more if this much effort and attention to detail was put into more submissions. One thing a really appreciated was the lack of blood. I know a lot of animators would be tempted to throw in crappy blood effects to make the animation more "hard core", but leaving them out made it look cleaner and more convincing. All in all, great job. Just so you know, I rarely give out tens, but this is easily one of the best sprite animations I've seen, so I think you deserve it.

LoveYouChunk responds:

The lack of blood / gore or body breaking and limb removal was the only regular suggestion from the previous video that I outright ignored. I dig those kinds of videos, too, don't get me wrong, but that certainly wasn't the direction I wanted this video to go. I wanted River City to stay kinda "raw."

Its Amazing!!!

I donĀ“t know how did you do that but its relly amazing

Remmebered this game a long time ago before.

I had the Japanese Famicom version which is Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari in a 4-in-1 famicom cartridge with other Kunio-kun video games. There were other versions of the FC game: It was also released on the X6800 and on the PC Engine.
It was released on the Wii Virtual Console by Aksys Games in 2008

The GBA version - EX - was used in the flash movie. Good use of the original design. Very good!

LoveYouChunk responds:

...will this be on the exam? :-P