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Reviews for "River City Rampage: EX 2"


You sir... You are god. THIS IS EPIC! The animation, the sprites, the expressions, the moves! God, I bow down to you... Truly this deserves recognition.

A few points could use cleaning up.

This is on almost all counts one of the better sprite videos I have seen of its kind. A note that's bothering me, though, why are half of your sprites crisply outlined and the other half blurry? Choose one or the other, mixing them looks painfully sloppy in an otherwise good video.

LoveYouChunk responds:

Don't use the "smooth" filter when importing sprites. I hadnt noticed until I was over halfway through importing and converting the images to symbols, so I was kind of in a pickle... Starting over would have been simply painful. I'm happy people are paying close enough attention to notice things like that, though. This is the kind of criticism I'm looking for, thank you!