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Reviews for "River City Rampage: EX 2"

Ah sweet memories...

Reminded me of an old Ninja game I used to play on the SNES lol!!


I am so suprised and impressed this has really made my day man.

I never seen anything like this before and for little characters that have such limited abilities you definitely put alot of variety into this movie. Love how the main character's friend fights with a totally different persona...he seems more brutal and unforgiving then the one in white.

You should pat yourself on the back, this was really entertaining to watch :).

P.S-One thing that could of been improved was the boss fight but it was still very good!


looks ALOT liek the game pussy city pimps for snes xD

Sprite-Fight Spectacular

It was up until now that DBZ vs. KoF was my favorite sprite fight, but the fluid animation of RCR: EX 2 is superbly remarkable for for its low-res graphics, and the
fight scenes themselves are impeccably cool to watch that I highly anticipate the third installment.

not to sound like a dick

the overall episode was a piece of sexinees. tho the animation wasn't as good as the first but it's been some years so meh. loved how it felt like a kung fu movie tho