Super 3D Pig Feeder

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Author Comments


Requires Flash 10 and a computer that isn't a PowerPC! If you only have a PowerPC, play it at the library or something! They won't mind!

A first person shooter, but without the violence and the death! Yeah, that totally doesn't defeat the whole purpose! Remember that unlicensed SNES game? This is like that, except it's not awful.

The first Doom total conversion ever made specifically for Flash! Now wait, don't leave! This isn't just a Doom mod... It's a new game with completely custom graphics, sounds, levels, and a lot of new code that uses Mike Welsh's Doom port as a base (with permission, of course).

Not just a run-and-gun shoot-em-up (er, feed-em-up), Super 3D Pig Feeder requires puzzle solving and observation skills one might use to complete games such as Monkey Island or King's Quest. So if you just want to shoot things without having to use your brain and employ lateral thinking... play something else.

Special thanks to Mike Welsh for porting Doom to Flash (without him this game would not exist), Esselfortium for teaching me a VERY great deal about Doom modding (without him the game would be pretty crummy), Quasar` for helping me implement silent teleportation (without him level five and the secret level would have been impossible), and of course id Software for creating the Doom engine.

Adobe Alchemy has been all but forgotten, even by Adobe, and I hope this game will restimulate interest. You know Alchemy is awesome.

Oh yes, and as per the GNU GPL, here's the source code (but not the WAD-- I don't want you figuring out the secrets too easily): http://projectenthalpy.co m/SomePig.zip

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It's pretty amazing, not a big fan of the level design though. 4.5/5

i must admit, this is a good game! ignore the reviews about controls and such, you just need to look at every nook and cranny to get past stage 1.
potential spoilers ahead:
the regular pigs aren't too hard to beat and most often serve as fodder (that eats fodder) and is no challenge for a first enemy (a plus)
taiwanese pigs are rather fun to combat against since they shoot projectiles that do moderate damage
the spectre pigs are rather annoying since they appear in dark areas and are hard to see anyways.
the boss pig once you get this far however is a pushover since it's just another taiwanese pig with a stronger projectile and a larger health pool
i must admit the difficulty is very even and has some silly things to it and has very enjoyable gameplay. i just wish the WAD was actually available however since i'd like to make a modified version of it with new pig variants and more stressful maps for the other 2 episodes.

Gameplay is terrible, everything else is either subpar or okay.

How the hell are we even supposed to get past the first stage? Special thanks to some of the comments I was able to get past the first door (press R on a door) which in itself is completely non-intuitive. (Doors should just automatically open when you run into them)

So okay then you go down a small L-shaped hall into a larger room with a brown door you can't open and another door you can. Which leads to another room with a switch in the middle and some mud stuff in the middle that hurts you.

So okay push the switch (by pressing R. Again, non-intuitive) and that opens a slab on the wall and then if you go into there it goes up but then keeps stopping short of the ceiling and going back down/etc. There appears to be some kind of button or switch in here but you can never press/use it.

So I'm stuck and that's it. There's nothing else to do. It would really help if someone who has completed this would make a walkthrough of the game, considering either it's some complete bat logic method of completing out at least that first stage and/or the game is bugged and isn't working right for some reason, and maybe you do enter that cubby opened by the middle mud room switch and push the button at the top within the cubby, which isn't working for me. In either case a walkthrough would confirm it.

The very first level of a game should never be so arcane as to be not complete-able for the vast majority of players. And unfortunately you either have some supreme bat logic going on, or the game is bugged, I have the right ideas, but they're just not working.

It's a fun game but 1 thing is missing, like a jump button. Also when you die and nobody can't press the Enter button to display the menu. So yeah.....

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

May 12, 2010
4:32 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person