Man Man 2

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EDIT: Preloader may take a few seconds to pop up, I put a lot of graphics on there.
And there's also three lil' easter egg things on their. Try clicking on Atom's face if you can find it! :D

Man Man 2 is finally here!

A ton of effort and love has been put into this cartoon and it may be our best one yet.This took several months to finish but other projects were going on in the process as well, so some skits were made 6 months ago some 4 months ago and some last week.

Okay rundown, this is a bunch of short and random cartoons about nothing everything and
something and is basically a collab about anything but just by me and my two buddies.

This Sequal is a huge leap of quality from the frist man man. The first one was okay it was just really short and was put together really fast... BUT THIS! THIS! has had a lot of time and effort into it and it's so awesome! There's individual music loops on every skit by awesomewhitegold, graphics are good voices are excellent preloader is amazing and credits are super!

The name of Man Man is not sexist at all there's a big long story to that but maybe some other time..... nah okay so Cristo started the orginal man man and has a habit of naming his fla. files oddly. Well he named this cartoon about random things man man, a nickname for his dog Manny. THE END. :3

Special thanks to Stalagmite and ForNoReason for being voices. There both really good artists and are crazy cakes dudes! XD

ALSO: If you leave a review it will definitely be appreciated and responded to. Thank you all your so awesome!! :D



I give it an 8 for Awesome Show randomness, but for me it's missing the "funny" that makes randomness.... well, funny.

OnionsXD responds:

Taken into consideration....will work on funny


one of the funniest thangs I've seen.

OnionsXD responds:

Ha hA XD Thanks! :O


There were some funny pieces, but what happend to the boy and the
puppys? anyway good work! 9/10 and 5/5

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks! The thing with the puppies was from a voice acting demo from Stalagmite and I just found that part so funny I had to animate it! :D


Does everything has to limit itself to 4chan jokes? As Aerodin said, the humor reminded me that of a 10 year old. Simply wasn't funny. It looked as if you used like 3 sound effects in all parts. That is only my opinion and who am I to discuss what is funny and what is not. Still, gave my opinion, but it is not all bad - the animation in some parts was average and in some parts good; hence you get from me 6. And next time can it not be so random?

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i guess it was pretty good

It was kind of cool watching this.
Though the humor reminded me kinda of that of a 10 year old. So yeah its not like i was cracking up on my chair here, but the animations were OK and the whoopy sound was awesome :D!

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OnionsXD responds:

It's okay for not liking it I'm just glad you weren't being a total jerk about and actually gave constructive criticism. Thanks all help is appreciated! :P

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2.92 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2009
6:30 PM EST
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 4th Place December 2, 2009