Reviews for "Man Man 2"

pretty RANDOM MUCH???

to put it like you said, CRAZY CAKES is not the word for it... i am still recovering from the "random" of this attack lol.
very funny, really REALY RANDOM and pretty gawsh darn epic graphics here! the only thing i can complain about is the bad sound quality. it always seems to diminish when you have a final render. :/ none the less, its not absolutely neccesary, and it still is hilarious ^^ good job guys! all all did excellent :D

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks...... can't think of much else to say.... will edit response later when though up..

UPDATE: better quality sound effects.... does that mean have more on cartoon? have more of variety?
it's been said several times so will take advice crucially important to note down and improvise on.... BETTER SOUND EFFECTS.... got it. Looking forward to working with you more stalagmite and hoping to get front page someday!! :D


one of the funniest thangs I've seen.

OnionsXD responds:

Ha hA XD Thanks! :O


That was crazy fun! That entertained me so much, seriously. xD It had a lot of hilarious moments, I enjoyed it very much! Congratulations guys! Daily 4th is sweet. ;D

OnionsXD responds:

HAI!! Thanks for the terrific review!! I am pretty sure we are done with random now and will continue on with more...per say... uhhh..... witty script with storylines and stuff. :D


this was so funny
i loved every second of it

congrats on making one of my favorite vids on newgrounds!

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks man!! Really!! This inspires me to work on cartoons again! :P