Reviews for "Man Man 2"


Aaahahall righty then..
Eheheheh... Uhh...
Well, you lived up to being random as hell.
And I will say that the animation quality is high, albeit crude.
Otherwise, I will admit to smiling at the randomness that occured.
However, this eventually dissolved into an inquiring look after skit #8, I'd say.
The random humor got quite repetitive, though it was still funny for the length of this animation.
However, if this animation was twice as long, I would close my browser and find something else to do.
Don't get me wrong, I found the humor to work, but overuse of the same random element and the lack of structure in anything, it got really old, really fast.
It's a fine animation. I did enjoy it.
Good work.

But next time, please limit the "Whoopsie!" noise to MUCH fewer than that.
<3 ZI.

OnionsXD responds:

HU "Whoopsie" again it's TOASTY!

but thanks for the wonderful review now I know randomness aint' da best idea ever there waz...will come up with more cleverness in da future.....SO...

l- use different elements.
ll-limit whoopsie/toasty sound effect
lll- use more clever witiness
make it not get old really fast

tons of useful tips.. thanks. I also would like to compliment on your advanced and interesting set of vocabulary(you know lots of big words)

Thanks 4 the review! :D

First of all...

Even if its random people can understand it, for me the idea of doing random things are awesome but here there are many that like it ordered and might not like it. I liked almost everything, magical flying baby XD... Hope you get your throphy :D

5/5 & /10/10

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks Zelldoom, I think I'm gonna take a break from randomness though and take it easy.. maybe next will be an abstraction animation.. idk


All I can find wrong is "Whoopsie" being used too much. I love the randomness of this though. Great if you just want to forget about everything else.

OnionsXD responds:

whoopsie.... he he it says TOASTY! lol but I can understand your misconception. Thanks 4 the review anyhow! :D

"Random" is Right

The biggest weakness here is that the quality of each individual short was irregular. Some actually had some serious wit to it, while others were just painful to watch.

Also, a lot of the sound effects were annoyingly overused. Try for some variety next time.

Overall, however, you did a decent job.

OnionsXD responds:

l- make skit quality regular. got it
ll- use a variety of sound effects.. got it

sorry If I type what people are trying to help with it makes me remember it easily. will take your advice :D

pretty RANDOM MUCH???

to put it like you said, CRAZY CAKES is not the word for it... i am still recovering from the "random" of this attack lol.
very funny, really REALY RANDOM and pretty gawsh darn epic graphics here! the only thing i can complain about is the bad sound quality. it always seems to diminish when you have a final render. :/ none the less, its not absolutely neccesary, and it still is hilarious ^^ good job guys! all all did excellent :D

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks...... can't think of much else to say.... will edit response later when though up..

UPDATE: better quality sound effects.... does that mean have more on cartoon? have more of variety?
it's been said several times so will take advice crucially important to note down and improvise on.... BETTER SOUND EFFECTS.... got it. Looking forward to working with you more stalagmite and hoping to get front page someday!! :D