Reviews for "Man Man 2"


I give it an 8 for Awesome Show randomness, but for me it's missing the "funny" that makes randomness.... well, funny.

OnionsXD responds:

Taken into consideration....will work on funny


one of the funniest thangs I've seen.

OnionsXD responds:

Ha hA XD Thanks! :O


There were some funny pieces, but what happend to the boy and the
puppys? anyway good work! 9/10 and 5/5

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks! The thing with the puppies was from a voice acting demo from Stalagmite and I just found that part so funny I had to animate it! :D


Does everything has to limit itself to 4chan jokes? As Aerodin said, the humor reminded me that of a 10 year old. Simply wasn't funny. It looked as if you used like 3 sound effects in all parts. That is only my opinion and who am I to discuss what is funny and what is not. Still, gave my opinion, but it is not all bad - the animation in some parts was average and in some parts good; hence you get from me 6. And next time can it not be so random?

i guess it was pretty good

It was kind of cool watching this.
Though the humor reminded me kinda of that of a 10 year old. So yeah its not like i was cracking up on my chair here, but the animations were OK and the whoopy sound was awesome :D!

OnionsXD responds:

It's okay for not liking it I'm just glad you weren't being a total jerk about and actually gave constructive criticism. Thanks all help is appreciated! :P