Reviews for "Man Man 2"


its a musical title sceen

OnionsXD responds:

yep you got that right! :D

One of the best animations in Newgrounds seen!

Congratulations on the Daily 4th. This animation was so excellent, I had to freaking replay this animation already the 100th time! As I said, this was one of the best animations in Newgrounds ever seen in MY LIFE! Also this is one of the best Comedy (For genres...), nice artwork, excellent music, good mini animations, and extremely awesomely animation.

The songs were awesome, mostly I liked the one in the credits. Man, why does Staglagmite and Awesomewhitegold has to make excellent music? I mean, these 2 guys deserve a 100/5 for their music! I will add this animation and songs right in to my favorites! Finally found 5 new favorite authors. You guys did an awesome job, I wish I could animate like you........

I'm absolutely giving this a 10/10 & a 5/5! But I wish I could give you a 100/10 & 100/5.....
Most importantly, all of these mini animations were so great, I kept on saying, "PLEASE BE #3! Please be #3!" So, finally new authors that I really like, thanks to your voice helper, ForNoReason, now I will add every single animations/games/musics will be in my favorites!

Can't wait to see MAN MAN 3....

Now, I hope you love and enjoy my review. And oh yeah, have a good Almost-Christmas!

OnionsXD responds:

Wow. What grat enthusiasm!! About the most I've ever seen! :D

I'm glad you liked it and currently we are not planning on making a man man 3 but we may get around to it in the future...but for now were workin gon other awesome cartoons! Expect at least one flash out from us every month. that's my vow. I'm really glad you like awesomewhitegold music. Maybe your enthusiasm for his music will kick his butt into making more. But WOW reading this review really makes me want to make more cartoons! Thanks for the inspiration. Definitely will keep tabs on you and let you know when the next comes out.

Awesome new cartoon!

Way to go for all of you guys! Who doesn't love a good mini-skits collaboration every now and then, huh? I'll tell ya' who. Nobody.

Art direction was improved from the other works, totally! Good blurs and shading effects, with some nice linear colors that didn't go too overboard, and the characters look as nice as they have ever looked! Great improvement, guys!

Ideas? Yeah, you've got some pretty good ones, but not all were as good as some of them. Then again, when you've got a collaboration going on, you can't ask for a perfectly equal skit set, can you? So congrats on most of them, anyways!

Sound was ok. I wish it was a higher quality, which I'm sure it can be. Judging by the short megabite size, I'm sure you could've sneaked in some higher quality. The loop went on for a bit longer then I care for, I'll tell ya' that. Not that it's a terrible loop, but please cut it off at some part. The voice acting was ok, but, yet again, yer' gonna' need a higher quality sound export if you want others to think so, too.

The biggest critique I have you guys, however, is not that you guys are bad animators or anything, oh no, because that's far from it, I think. The problem is the reliability of internet fads and internet jokes. While a few here and there are fine, people 20 years from now are not going to get the jokes, and when most of the flash consists of the internet fads and such, it's going to lose much of it's flavor.

Overall, ignoring my critiques (sorry if I hurt anybody's feelings here), I was actually very impressed from beginning to end! The improvement is right in my face, and I can see that you guys worked several hours into it! Nice work, and keep it up, because it'll just get better from here!
5 outta' 5 and 9 outta' 10!

OnionsXD responds:

Wow BoneHead you must be renowned for leaving the world's best reviews ever! :D
About the sound thing the settings for some reason were set on sound quality fast but I've changed it to Best so I'll get around to uploading the new version with higher sound quality. I'll make sure not to make the same mistake twice! This by far is one of the best reviews I've seen!

Very good :D

I found this really funny, but i only wish it could have been longer :(
But when i read the authors comments, it took you 6 months?
Thats a long time for 5 people to be working on one flash animation!
But all that time was worth it.
5/5 10/10
Havent seen something that funny in ages. * applauds*

OnionsXD responds:

well it didn't really take us six months to make just six months to put together in the midst of other cartoon as well going on simutaneously....and it also took us a little while cuz there was A LOT of outakes.... thanks for the review and support!! :D

WoW!! Daily 4th Place!! Way to go you guys!!!

Aw Man, that's SO cool you guys got Daily 4th Place!
I'm jealous!!! Ha! Nah but really, congratulations on your shiny new trophy!
This sure was a grouping of some of the most random things, guys.
I mean, don't get me wrong, I cracked a few smiles, indeed.
My personal favorite though, was *get ready, Stag*
Josh and those damned puppies! Ha ha ha ha ha! Toasty!
Good job on a random flash, full of fun, music, voices and mayhem.
The animation was pretty well done, I think. Even just from your last submission, OnionsXD. *pats you on the back* Here's to wishing you many more trophies, skits, flashes and healthy days. You all did a fabulous job and worked well together too. Hope to see more by you soon, Man. Feel free P.M. me when you do put something else out, Ok? :) Until then. . .

............Take care, be good and. . . . .TOASTY!exclamation point

OnionsXD responds:

HA! :D

We are definitely improving slowly but surely and it's nice to know that we're going somewhere with our cartoons. There will definitely be more coming out from us soon! Possibly even next week! :O Literally we only got the daily fourth place trophy due to one vote! ONE Vote! can you believe it!! :D We were so happy when we found out... Thanks for the awersome review you leave some of the best ones, and I'll keep you notified for the next project!! :