Reviews for "Man Man 2"


10/10 for Toasty!

You guys did an awesome job. :D

OnionsXD responds:

Hey someone finally understands the "TOASTY!!" part. Thanks for the positive review!! :)


Very random, crazy, and hyper. Reminds me of meh grandma.
Great work XD


Some parts were good and a few wasn't that much but still came out kinda good also whats with the whoopsie noise. 4/5 8/10

That was sweet.

Made me smile. I <3 Awesome Face.


This is one of those funny random videos you see in Newgrounds that actually make me laugh. I mean most of the crap on this site is just random furry shit and male gentitalia. But this! Oh wow this was good!

OnionsXD responds:

Thanks Mate! Male genitailia just ain't mah thing so I use explosions instead. But in future cartoons humor will be more clever...and wity