You Cried Me

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The song is called "You Cried Me" and it's by Jookabox, from Asthmatic Kitty Records.

---Note from Director

Hi. My name is Tom DesLongchamp. I used to submit content to newgrounds back in 2000 under the username tomthinks. I haven't done so as much recently, but I had the great privilege of creating this music video and I hope you like it!



Very Good Visually

The animations you used are quite different from the usual newgrounds videos, the music was good too, it had that somewhat annoying tone but after watching the video for a short time, the song hooked onto me but it preety much set the tone for the video and is a preety good choice for the video, but overall its a nice video Good Job.


I absolutely freakin' loved it.
The song was cool, and I loved how some parts went along with it perfectly (like the part where the bear-god turns on the sun; "no! I won't letcha do it!")
The animation was nice and smooth for the most part.
The art was nice. I love it when something noire uses colors to accent something, like how when they flee in the car, the moon and sky flash pink.
The concept was just great. I loved it. Good work.

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asthmatickitty responds:

Yeah, I tried to maintain a balance of fitting the song, but not being too literal. It's a challenge to remain subtle. Thanks!

poor kitty....

so it was a good thing they ran over the cat...
lol awsome flash 10/10
poor kitty o well 8 more live's...


lol nice video, the music isnt really my type, but i still got to drift into the animation and enjoy it.

Just wondering why the kitty who got killed by them ended up rescueing them lol, and those 2 are brutal, running over a cat like tht with no hesitation. :(

asthmatickitty responds:

They didn't realize it. Too excited to eat some hotdogs.

Gotta say this was pretty cool

Well yeah, basicaly it was freaking awsome. The neon was odd but it works and I love the song. As well I loved the cat but I just don't get why the cat helps them after they ran him over and another question is were those kids if they were where'd they get the car. Still really good, -2 only for how I think my obveous questions were not answered by the films story.

asthmatickitty responds:

They stole the car, by finding the magnetic key box.

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4.41 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2009
4:37 AM EST
Music Video