Reviews for "You Cried Me"

damn this is wht the games all bout....

I love this flash a lot, and it went well along with the song; the look, feel, and overall atmosphere is very much like an Augenblick animaton, which I'm sure you're well familiar with. Anyways keep it up, you're really good.. make th paper; Grove St. love~

poor kitty....

so it was a good thing they ran over the cat...
lol awsome flash 10/10
poor kitty o well 8 more live's...

I fucking loved it

First off I love the choice of music. And second It is respectable that you followed through to the end of the song. That takes planning and a lot of effort. The animation was mostly frame by frame and I really like that. The overall feel was just awesome. I can't wait to see more stuff from you!

Reminds me of superjail :P

Nice song, excellent animation, great plot :P 5/5, 10/10

Very cool!!

I loved this video!! You did a very good job! 5/5 10/10