Reviews for "You Cried Me"

Holy shit...trippy

that's pretty trippy my friend. I'm gunna blaze up and give this a whirl. lawl.


AND THE CAT LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zero Frequency

this was very good. kind of reminded me of that one horror movie about the evil computer virus that killed poeple.

Nice job

I fucking loved it

First off I love the choice of music. And second It is respectable that you followed through to the end of the song. That takes planning and a lot of effort. The animation was mostly frame by frame and I really like that. The overall feel was just awesome. I can't wait to see more stuff from you!

Ive watched this so many times!

There isn't a single complaint I have. The animation was superb, and the music fit very well with it! The whole thing felt very lighthearted, if you know what I mean. And like many other people have said, I always laugh at the part with the polar bear. Like ZombiePimp said you have inspired me to animate more! I also like the fact that there's no replay button, and it just automatically restarts, because it encourages me to watch it again! Watching this makes me feel happy. Very, VERY good job! Thank you for sharing this!