Reviews for "You Cried Me"

well another thing

this is just expanding me review under this one. Another thing that i like is that they seam like kids with the costumes but they can drive cars that gave me an happy fealing inside for some reason no clue why, plus one nice thing is that when he said ''you better go theirs not much time'' ''what'' ''no!'' it was as the polar bear was talking i know that was meant to be that way but it was just very nice done i would give u 15 if i could but now i cant so you must take an ten any way great flash :D

just awesome

the thisg i liked most was that the stray cat the ran wich you didn't pay so much atenssions over became their saviour. I also liked that the art was not the best wich made it awesome

it made me smile

i liked it the song and animation a lot it was good two thumbs up! :D

Thanks for making this.

I've probably watched this about 35-40 times since it was posted here and I really am not exaggerating, the song is beautiful and your interpretation of it is equally beautiful. Seriously, thanks for exposing it to me.

really cool

this is really good. probably the best enimation i've seen on newgrounds. a little short on the ending though. 9 stars