Reviews for "You Cried Me"

So unique

This was an extremely impressive flash to view! I wasn't expecting much at first, what with the apparent abscence of color, but it definitley got better as it went on! I was so glad to see all of those cool elements being put into the song and it really managed to get a story. I think my favorite part was probably the ghost cat and the bear in Heaven. It helps that I love cats, especially when cats have been shown to have souls. I have never heard this crazy song before, but I am very glad to be introduced to it and its zaniness!


The music is addicting and the animation is truly capturing.
I remembered seeing this before, but I just had to post a review now that I saw it again.

they ran over the cat

I mean, they just ran over the cat and the cat went out of his way to save the kids.

amazing video

the song really works with this video loving this tune by the way amazing


It's December yet I like the Halloweend feel to this flash i liked it alot