Reviews for "You Cried Me"


I like how they run over the cat and yet the cat still helped them. X3
The motions are pretty good and fluid..
The fast flickering are really compatible with the fast music..
The rave lighting effects really stand out in the black and white environment...
But the thing is that this video plays automatically and loops.. >_>
Had to stop it manually tho.. Its all good.
Great Job! :D

i'm glad you were recommended by a peer

your animation was a bit eye-buzzing at times, but that just made it unique. i really enjoy the electric feeling you gave it, it really made the music a seamless part of the entire flash. i can't think of a thing i didn't enjoy in this flash! :]

It's awesome!

Evan the exsperts of animation think this rocks (i'm not say'in me but the guy that made that mario thing wit the old guy)

crazy awesome

wow what? this is awesome! i love your crazy style and the weird story. it works so well with the music!

Loved it.

You really represented the music well. I also like your style. It's refreshingly odd. Please make more for my enjoyment. kthx

asthmatickitty responds:

Thank you!