Reviews for "You Cried Me"


Wonderful animation. This could have easily been made into something more simple and dull, but your use of color and animation made it much better. Instread of trying to make the ghosts frightening or oppressive, you made them vibrant and colorful, psychedelic even. Great work.


Interesting story you have there. Sadly you missed Halloween by 3 days.


nice song, love the part were the skull turns the guy into a shadow thing

haha fun!

hah song was bouncy and fun!...i loved the drawings!! and i have to say my favorite was what cat spirit! it was so cute :) 10/10!!


This really is a fun, terrific flash. Everything from the strange faux horror movie vibe to the off color humor is really entertaining. Also, it was this animation that introduced me to what has become one of my favorite bands, Jookabox. Great work!