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Author Comments

A Point & Click survival horror inspired by Silent Hill, Resident Evil and Exmortis.

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man im finaaly got this badge my eyes were so tired
bu i like it

WOW. I, personally, really enjoyed this game. I really don't mind the graphics that much because I think that it fits with the plot of the game and it did creep me out once in a while.
SPOILERS AHEAD (I suggest playing through the whole game before reading the content below)
I was surprised to see that there was a second building after you escape the house. There was an issue for me with lag when I reached the gate of the apartment but I think that it got better after a while. When I got inside, it was very ominous and I enjoy that because it was a lot creepier than the house. It also gave me a SAW ll kind of vibe with the layout of the apartment. Anyway, I enjoyed the process of trying to get into the elevator and when that baby doll child thing appeared first it did creep me out. the second time it appeared though, I was expecting it because it had gotten silent. And the crying in the end was also kind of panic inducing which contributes to the overall scariness of the game. In the end, I really really enjoyed the story line that those shots, TX-15, was all an illusion and that the creatures were kind of hallucinations and that you got a grade for how many deaths you had in total and your time. But the only thing that I would change about the plot with the TX-15 is to make it more frequent in the second building. Otherwise, I really loved going through this game. It had the chill factor, the thinking factor, and was a great experience.

back when online games were made with pasion.

(Review contains spoilers, play through the game first!)

Really enjoyed this game. Graphics aren't the best however they were good enough, and combined with the sounds it all made for a very immersive experience, really feels like a dream (well in this case a nightmare) scenario. I was surprised the game continued after the first house, by the time I explored a few rooms in the apartments I was dreading that there was more to the game, the atmosphere was so effective. The girl appearing the first time got me for real, second time just gave a feeling of panic, and that crying near the end was just straight messing with my head after being in the game so long (my time was I think 41 minutes). Certain details like the bus stuck inside the apartment and the stomach were pretty interesting.

So the ending. When it was time to finally enter the elevator and I instinctively shot into the elevator when it opened, I was concerned by what the protagonist said, I thought seeing those weird figures as himself I thought is the protagonist actually dead? When he finally exited the building and was darted in the neck I was legit mad for a moment, not that the game was still going but again he's continuing being tormented. But the scene in the end finally explained and wow it shocked me. Every game doesn't need a twist, but after being in such a horrid environment an explanation like that was rewarding and mind blowing at the same time. This was really a neat game.

The game's graphics make it hard to figure anything out. When I get to the gate I'm suddenly lagging so bad, maybe from the rain and two guys running to me, that it's not regerstring the gum. It's not creepy, it's just annoying.