Reviews for "Inculcation"

Nice Silent hill 2 reference!

Holy crap this game is creepy

This was really stupid. Literally, the "enemies" are just squiggle people, not scary at all. And they don't even attack you, they just stand there. And the puzzles were either really simplistic or didn't make sense. The ending didn't make any sense, because I went the whole time without taking any syringes, so technically I shouldn't have seen the squiggle people. And with the last squiggle person, with the knife, I love how that's finally when we run out of ammo.
Oh and just one plot hole; in the end the interviewer says that the drug makes the user think people are trying to harm him. People WERE trying to harm him. The one squiggle had a giant knife for fuck's sake.
So overall, not scary, poor plot, and poor puzzles.

Ransom responds:

The people weren't trying to harm him, and the guy wasn't really carrying a huge knife. He was hallucinating those things, just as he was hallucinating their distorted appearance. Thanks for playing!

fuckin creepy

I got an F rank?!
What the fuck!