Reviews for "Inculcation"


Awesome game.And the twist at the end was great.

Secret Medal Revealed!!!

Hahahahaha!!!!! "It says on the back of the photo that this is the author. He looks terrifying." Click on the middle drawer 50 times in the corner nightstand in the same room as the TV that cuts on with static, and you'll get the secret photo! ;-)

Great use of simple point-and-click coding along with the cover storyline that eventually makes sense of this spooky drug trip!

You are a terrible person...

... but this game is immense. The sounds, effects and gameplay were all incredible, and gave the game a real sense of drama and atmosphere. When the closet door in the first house was banging I genuinely didn't want to be upstairs so I didn't have to listen to it, and the same for the baby crying in the second house basement. So massive kudos for creating a flash game that has such a profound effect on it's players.

Also, for the most part you managed to avoid the perennial problem of point-and-click games; where the player can't figure out what to do next and just so spends ages clicking over the entire screen trying to find something else to pick up or open. This did happen to me on two occasions, but I later realised that they were both due to my own incompetence - all the clues were there; I just hadn't picked up on them.

Overall though an amazing game, anyone who has ever liked Silent Hill or Resident Evil will love this.

To anyone about to play this, take note of the author's recommendation and play it with the sound up and the lights down. If you let yourself get into it the experience is that much better for it.

You was robbed

best Halloween game should have been yours. Ah well, hopefully you make some money off selling your game engine.

Great game, I loved it!

now I don't want to go to sleep!

This is the spookiest game I've played in a long time... I'm still shivering! Great stuff, thanks!