Reviews for "Inculcation"

OH MY GOSH!!!!! This game was so good. It was pretty hard- i had to use the walkthrough a couple times- but that was not the ending i expected!!!

It's an exelent game, but I found a problem. At the end, when the guy with the knife was coming in my direction I didn't killed him, I just clicked in the door. Right after that, when the credits were showing I was still hearing his breading sound (Darth Vader). Even when I got to the menu I was still hearing that, so I had to refresh the page. Aparto from that, it's a good game.

This was amazing!!! I freaked when i saw the clown and that was just amazing. But can someone explain why there was a crying baby towards the end? I didn't understand that. But on the whole, amazing game.

Great game, reminded me of Silent Hill to an extent. The ending surprised me but it was still a good game.

Well done Very fun and scary the only problem i had was the ending besides that it was Amazing 10/10