Reviews for "Inculcation"

good job on your game it was fun in a way and just so you know I got an F on it, I'm not a puzzle game guy but I'm a horror game guy so I like it

A very fine game and - personal opinion - I do NOT think the ending is subpar. It may not be a great plot but it is enough to explain (no need for useless filling) and at least one in-game big clue (elevator scene).

Played it already years ago (probably during launch, so 8 years), on another portal, just saw this one here has medals.

Only downside is that it is kind of easy to achieve S-rank, especially for people who played before.

fantastic! it had cleaver puzzles and a great scare tactic

I love this game!
Great game play, great story. I wish the game was a little bit longer

I loved this gameplay! I was sad it was short! But my only issue was with the story,I expected more... I loved the concept but I wish the story had more to it! Oh well... But I feel over all it was great! I saw so many Silent Hill and Resident Evil references,I had to snicker at those. Anyway, 3.5/5 for me. *thumbs up* <: