Reviews for "Inculcation"

I really enjoyed this game.
I'm not typically good at puzzle games, and I'm not terribly patient, but this was VERY fun! I like the direct simplicity of navigation, the logic of clues, and the clarity of use. I got a low grade but I had such fun it doesn't matter. I really like the story line, its a surprisingly reasonable answer to all the weirdness the player experiences.

I look forward to playing your other games! And I'm saving up to buy your game engine. ;D
Rock on!!

The idea is solid, but it feels generic. I have a couple of suggestions: #1 monsters should be threatening, but rarer, or you shouldn't have unlimited ammo. That way, it's actually scary when you find one. #2 again, more story line. You could put journal pages around for the person to find, or have a re-occurring voice that you are searching for the source of, or any manner of things. At present, it just feels.... plot-less. I wanna survive, but that's about it. So, again, good but not great. Also, I'm loving the Silent Hill reference.

I mean its okaayyyyyyy .....

well, its ok.. lol

Amazing! The plot twist at the end was great, I really didn't expected that when I played the game. I assume that I jumped a little when the non-human thing came out of the closet in the bedroom. This is a game I would play more than 5 times a day.
Sadly, with all the fun I had playing it, I got an F grade. What a shame.
5/5 and take this extra star *