Reviews for "Days 2 Die-The Other Side"

A great system limited by the short length...


It features a complex point and stat system, featuring a wide variety of handguns, shotguns, smgs, historical rifles, assault rifles, grenade launchers, sniper rifles, explosives and a number of hand weapons... All of which go wildly unused in the intensely short length. You even feature a premium equipment system through accounts for special weapons... Yet the game is like, what? 25 minutes long? You'll rarely invest in more than 2 additional weapons... and really, you don't need to invest in anything at all because the game gives you a great smg right at the beginning. And forget the mercenaries, you can't afford them.

I don't mind short-sweet games, but this game doesn't look like its length was intentional. The writing felt rushed, the protagonist, who I was supposed to feel bad for for the seperation of his sister, was a cold completely unlikable character. The most well-developed character in the game is the merchant, and he was only interesting in a stereotypically-mysterious-RE4merchan t sort of way... Each character's lines were poorly written and like 1 line long, the cutscenes weren't spectacular and the voice-acting was poor. The characters don't even sound kind of into it. The story and dialogue flows like one big B-rated horror movie.

The art in general was not great. The unserious cartoony feel of the game kills the spooky-horror mood that you were so obviously shooting for, and is an eyesore to stare at in general.

The problem, besides the length, is the complete unoriginality of it all... I mean come one... You're a cop (Chris?) trying to find your sister (Claire?) when the zombie outbreak breaks out and the police are overwhelmed (Resident evil 2?). You split up with your partner (Any horror movie?) and stumble upon a mysterious stranger who sells you guns (RE4 merchant ?). You jump in a get-away vehicle and from the roof shoot at a giant humanoid bat (jeeper-creepers?) until it flips your vehicle over (conviniently, right at the place of your house), you come to a defenseless, lone survivor (Sherry/Ashley/Any unarmed female from Resident evil?) who's looking for her family and might know where your sister is if you can find her family. You bring the family to the docks, but in a rush of panic, the boat leaves without you (Oh, I didn't see THAT coming). You fight a giant-armed humanoid that throws rocks (L4D tank?), become overwhelmed, and your character blows himself and a large group of zombies up by blowing up a gas tank (Dawn of the Dead?). There is nothing original about the storyline... I guess that's not necessarily a game-killer, but when combined with all the other negativity about the game, and when the already unoriginal storyline isn't even well executed, it's gonna kill what little ingenuity the game had.

All that being said... It was actually kind of fun. You solved a LOT of the problems that were in Days 2 Die 1, there were no debilitating glitches (Sponsors webpage popping up -_-), and despite the length and quality this game left me wondering, "What's going to happen next?!" at every turn (even if what happened next was totally B-rated...)

Oh, and I had trouble finding the car and gas, and from the other reviews, I can tell I'm not the only one. For such a short, linear game, there sure is alot of backtracking...

awesome games

loved the first one, anticipated the second

this version seems smoother than the original
also new features and the animation looks generally improved
better story transition

still a few bugs with freezing
cool weapons
not as easy as the first one

the voicing could be better though

Good start !

But it seems at the end you stop thinking if ways of making it fun and just annoy us, the start was perfect with good difficulty but as soon as the strong zombies came it got too hard too fast. Maybe I should have farmed cash but to get a good gun it would of taken ages.

Fun to play

Its practically the first game only shorter ,with bosses and and now u use his brother .

Pretty easy u can pass the whole game almost never shooting exept for the survive parts almost doing nothing likeleaving ur friends do the work or just jumping the enemies since u jump pretty fast and high thee was a moyor glitch witch i encounter when i was going to kill the bat for the second part i was walking then up the hill when i was the bat upside down he dind do nothing to atack or defent he was jusp upside down laying and i found that in the last part where u have to protect ur survivors until they get to the boat they barelly walked and when they reached their destination nothing happened i couldnt save them all but that dint make me retry it i just went to the menu and continued and the story from the boss started playing .


Very awesome but...

It froze on me... This is the 2nd time... :'[