Reviews for "Days 2 Die-The Other Side"


hey bro its in the berrals at the star of the game


FUCK THAT GIANT BAT THING!!!!! lol still awesome nice job

Very well done.

A superbly put together game.

good job

great game keep up the good work, i wish he told you he needed the money first before you got to buy stuff but meh tank was a bitch dont move too far away otherwise you will get hit haha anyways good job nice and challenging and a nice switch keep up the good work, in the next one maybe add some character creation not needed but still alot ofpeople would love it im sure, some would like a multiplayer game but i dunno I think it would work better as it is but if you can work it out more power to you

Awsome !

Better than the first, I'm surprised in a good way,
I'm not saying it's bad, it's VERY good!