Reviews for "Days 2 Die-The Other Side"

the car is past the gun men

go past him and go through door then take the first leftand u find the car ps good game


It was really fun, i got qiute far into it, although i couldnt use the pistol after i switched to the knife becuase my keyboard is broke, that was qiute annoying, but really good game

Simply masterful!

This by far exceeds the fun factor of the original in almost every way. The fact the we were able to travel the city; albeit in small corridors, was an entertaining and action filled addition. Thumbs way up!


It won't save any of my weapons. that is bull.

awesome games

loved the first one, anticipated the second

this version seems smoother than the original
also new features and the animation looks generally improved
better story transition

still a few bugs with freezing
cool weapons
not as easy as the first one

the voicing could be better though