Reviews for "Days 2 Die-The Other Side"

it's the best game ever made

love this game i play it a lot

Okay, let me get things straight, your leader, gets eaten, your driver, blows up because of a bat, your friend, I'm not sure, your sister, where the hell is the sister?
But, good game, and I like how it follows up days2die, but instead of being the sister running away, you're the brother trying to find her...
also, the tank needs to be nerfed. :/
all in all, great game, 5 stars

cool game second reviev

This game is fun, but easy and short. Definitely the former if you know how to exploit the endless hordes of zombies, and the latter if you don't count all the time spent grinding.

The trick is to find a spot where the zombies spawn only from one direction, like in that one place where the car is. Since the zombies never stop spawning, you should definitely be able to keep your guns loaded, and in fact, you probably won't even need them once you get the chainsaw. And then once you get enough ZP to buy two mercs (I recommend Andrew and Francis. Everybody else seems like a waste of money. I don't know about the Premium mercs, though.) all you have to do is sit back and watch them work.

In a little while, I was at level 20 (the level cap, I think) and I was able to buy every weapon and a shit ton of ammo. The game was a breeze after that. Even the tank was a joke.