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Haunted -- Mix

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For those of you who like to use the audio portal for ambiance tracks, try this on for size. I hope y'all like it.

EDIT 5/14/09: I found the whole Adobe Soundbooth score and mixed it. So this is the full length mix of Haunted. Enjoy.

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This... is really really eerie... I really like it! Great job on this. You sir, are a pro! :3


Very eerie and at the same time it has a touch of beauty. This is really an amazing work, I'll probably use it in a visual novel I'm writing right now. If I find an artist to draw images for that I'll let you know when it's finished :).
Keep being awesome!


Nice dark ambient, you got there. This has become my tree house, everytime I want to think on something... (Get it treehouse?)
And also, it has become one of my favorites in here...

SilentCobra responds:


I see what you did thar! Glad you liked it and glad to know it's on your favorites. :) Like I told Xeno, once I get Adobe Soundbooth again, I'll be back to mixing more tracks and making more SFX. ^_^

Just enough creepiness, with a bit of sorrow

Loved this track. It was just enough to give the haunted vibe. But did not give me a total creep out moment like some other horror music did. The piano gave a bit of round out to the track, as if the spirits were weeping in grief.

SilentCobra responds:


Yea, now that you mention it, I can see it as if the spirits were weeping in grief as well. Very well put, my friend. :)

It's beatutiful

Sure its creepy, but I really like the way it was made, when I hear music I have visions sometimes, this is giving me ones that are so vivid, I could probably write a story about it.
Eerie and tattered but with a small sense of loss and suffering, that's what I feel from it. I'm keeping it as a favorite. Perhaps it will reawaken my will power to write stories.

The voices and sound effect really add to it, I feel like I'm not listening to just any old haunting ambient music, I feel like I'm listening to the real feelings of being haunted, if only I had the ability to create such a masterpiece...*sigh*. My skill is far beneath this I'm afraid.

SilentCobra responds:


Well you can at least make flash submissions. *sigh* The best I did was use Windows Movie Maker and make a tiny shitty flash in flash. Once I get Adobe Soundbooth again, I'll be back making more mixes and SFX. ^_^